New Member Registration-

We are not accepting new members until August 19th, 2024

How do I sign up my child?

Go to Create a profile IN YOUR CHILD’S NAME. SportMember will ask you to find a team. Under club, put “KERN” and search. You should see all of Kern Premier’s teams. You should select the team based on the age your child will be on August 1st, 2024. (For example, a child who is 10 but will turn 11 in July, 2024 will be on the 12 team, because they are older than 10 by August 1st, 2024).

How do I sign up multiple children?

After you have signed up one child, while you’re in their SportMember account, click on their initials in the top right corner. Then click on “add child profile”. You will be able to sign them up but have their account connected to your other child’s account so you only have 1 account in SportMember controlling both children. If you have created your child’s accounts separately from each other, you can also create a parent profile in your child’s accounts, and then log in each of your child’s accounts and connect the same parent profile. Once you have done that, you will be able to log in your parent profile and see all of your children’s accounts and control them from one account.

Can my kid try it out before we sign up?

Absolutely! We allow kids to try it out for 1 week for free before signing up. You can reach out if you have questions, or just show up to our next practice with your child ready to get in the water! All they need is their swimsuit and towel!